My name is Neil Moser, the man behind the Dick – so to speak. I have created this journal to document my experiences and my opinions.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in Fun with Dick do not necessarily reflect those of a wicked gentleman; they do, however, fall short of anything unadulterated and remotely modest.

Every good Dick has a Jane and any Jane without a good Dick is plain. My Jane is a beautiful, creative, obsessively compulsive artist with eyes that can see into your darkest corners. She washes her vegetables in dish soap, never watches a film from beginning to end and succumbs to the effects of Bud Light Lime every time. Jane, my partner Tales and other friends add to the eccentricity of my world and their personalities are excellent fodder.

My journal entries are a reaction to what happens around me, against me and because of me. So, if you want to understand a little bit about me, read on friend, read on.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love Dick and his friends, they are fun,honest genuine smart asses..Best of all, they know what they know.. now that is Hot

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